Addition to the 4Elements FIFA team

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After signing “xfabinho” and “Ivanilson” last week, 4Elements Esports (“4Elements”) announced today the signing of a third player to join the newly formed FIFA squad. With Senna “senromario” Weber, 4Elements is joined by one of the most anticipated young talents on the Dutch market.

While still running under the radar, Senromario already managed to upset some of the best Dutch players, as well as some professional FIFA players from different clubs throughout Europe.

“We are very happy to welcome Senna in our team. He is one of the uprising talents in the Benelux FIFA scene and has a promising future in this game title”, said Joe Hoffmann, COO and Head of Esports at 4Elements.

However, the FIFA roster is not yet completed as 4Elements intends to further internationalize the team, while looking for a suitable coach for its new roster and a Belgian player to complete its squad.