Master the [4]Elements!

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4Elements Esports (“4Elements”) is our inhouse esports organization offering visibility, advertising and product placement solutions to our clients. 4Elements Esports is combining entertainment and lifestyle with the competitive spirit of esports.

It is said that an organization is as good as the dreamers behind it. 4Elements is not just an esports organization, but a collective of passionate dreamers who have invested their lives and unmatchable efforts into the creation of a recognizable esports brand.

4Elements is an innovative and performance-oriented esports organization founded in 2018 as a platform for competitive gaming. Today, 4Elements is one of the leading esports organizations in the Benelux region with offices in Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

4Elements is a place where friendship is promoted and integrity is respected. Our primary goals are respect and safeguarding the interests of our players while promoting their individual growth. 4Elements provides clients and partners with a broad range of innovative solutions towards content creation, digital marketing and social media presence.

4Elements aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and fitness-oriented training programs. A proper diet, exercise and stress reduction are key elements to high performance; in order to win and keep a constant high-performance level, a balance between physical and mental health is indispensable.

Our objective is to transpose the health and fitness concepts already widely present in traditional sports such as football, soccer and basketball into esports and support change towards a more institutionalized esports industry.


The 4Elements community represents an efficient and powerful solution for brands wishing to increase their reach and visibility across a young and engaged audience. Through our inhouse esports team we offer:

  • Optimal brand visibility and reach across a young and engaged audience
  • Solutions for brands desiring to market their products via a successful esports team
  • Bespoke and creative content in relation to your brand or product
  • In addition to social media, access to our 4E streamers’ network as a powerful product placement and advertising solution for your brand and/or products
  • Regular updates on key performance indicators to monitor the success of digital marketing campaigns


The esports audience is mainly composed of Millennials and Generation Z (i.e. 10-35 years) showing a high consumption propensity and engaging with a brand (and their partners) via traditional social media as well as streaming channels.