Dedicated White-Label Solutions

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Establishing an esports team or organizing an esports tournament requires more than being fond of games. To be successful you need a skilled team with a solid concept as well as a deep understanding of digital marketing and the esports industry in general. Taking the right decisions and outsmart competition are key to the success of any business and this is especially true in esports. Thus, we need to trust our partners, as much as they need to trust us.

FWRD Agency offers white-label solutions to clients and partners wishing to establish a dedicated inhouse esports organization or set up their own private-label competition in order to promote their brand or products to a young and engaged audience.


We support you in the setup, coordination, and management of your dedicated esports organization or team. Our white-label solutions include: 

  • Drafting of memoranda, rule books and charters for tournaments and competitions

  • Complete branding, marketing and communication in relation to your competition, organization or team

  • Scouting, evaluating and onboarding suitable talents for your new organization or team

  • Efficient talent and team management for your new organization or team

  • Day-to-day management of your esports projects

  • Social media management and support on content creation in relation to your dedicated private-label product